Wear the Badge with Pride!

The new Portobello ASC kit 20-12 represents a new philosophy at Portobello ASC. The kit has taken inspiration from its members and a new found ambition within the club.

Portobello ASC are the British Water polo champions, we have swimmers qualifying for Scottish and British Championships, we have swimmers that are the best in the country in their age group. The last 12 months have been a test for the club but in that time we have found our feet dusted ourselves down and are back in the race with a renewed optimism.

Portobello ASC is a club that takes pride in its 100 year history and its members. However,we are no longer satisfied being a small Edinburgh based club. We are a club looking to expand while maintaining our personable approach to nurturing talent and educating its members. We are a club driven to work, compete and succeed and we are aware that now more than ever you must work hard and fight to do so.

The new kit is to be worn with a sense of pride and belonging. We are a team of swimmers and water polo players. Success for Portobello ASC will take time and effort and everyone has a part to play including swimmers, water polo players, coaches, committee members,parents and the community. We must work together, support and motivate each other both in and out of the pool.

Be a part your team and wear the badge with pride!

Porty kit .pdf Porty kit .pdf
Size : 249.368 Kb
Type : pdf
Kit Order Form.pdf Kit Order Form.pdf
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