Club Squad Outline

Club Squad will be an important component of P.A.S.C. it's main purpose is to allow those who feel they are not quite ready or willing to commit to the training regime of the Top and Intermediate squads. Club Squad will give those swimmers the chance to keep swimming and to remain an active member of the club. Health and Fitness as well as elements of lifeguard training, water polo or even synchro will also play a part in Club squad.

Too often swimmers who enjoy the port but don't want to compete are discarded by their clubs but at Portobello we don't want to see that happen. I hope that club squad will go on to produce our future coaches, teachers and lifeguards as well as healthy well rounded individuals. Any swimmer who wishes to join this squad has the opportunity at any given time to be placed back into either Top or Intermediate squad, this is down to the willingness of the individual swimmer. Swimmers that do decide to come back to competitive swimming will have remained in the water and be physically fit, easing their transition back into these squads.

Squad Objective

  1. To give those wishing to swim the chance to remain with their club. (Club Squad does not exclude swimmers from competing )
  2. To help maintain a healthy active lifestyle
  3. To develop knowledge of other aquatic disciplines


  1. Swimmer should be willing to attend all arranged pool time and be willing to participate in all activities.
  2. Swimmers will be accepted from Top Squad only unless approved by the Club Development Officer.
  3. Swimmers wishing to join from outside the club will have to go through a trial for safety reasons.

Darren Ward
Portobello A.S.C. Club Development Officer


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