Development 1 & 2

LTAD Stage: FUNdamentals – Ages 5-9yrs (Basic movement literacy)

The emphasis is on developing basic movement literacy and fundamental movement skills. The skills to be developed are the ABC’s (Agility,Balance, Coordination, Speed) , RJT (Running, Jumping, Throwing), KGB’s (Kinesthetics, Gliding, Buoyancy, Striking with the bosy) & CK’s (Catching, Kicking, Striking with an implement). In order to develop basic movement literacy successfully participation in as many sports as possible should be encouraged.

Speed, power and endurance should be developed using FUN and games. In addition, children should be introduced to the rules and ethics of the sport. There should be well-structured programs with proper progressions that are monitored regularly.

The primary objective is to learn the wide range of skills involved in swimming be developing water confidence, sculling, each of the four strokes as well as the core elements of body control, feel free for the water, stable (i.e without variation change), movement patterns.

Coach - Cath Fleming and Morag McCarthy 



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