Squad Outline

The Jump from Development 3 Squad to Intermediate is the next step in the ladder in the development of our athletes at P.A.S.C. The intermediate squad will be the home of those who have demonstrated all the key elements required of them in
Development Squad and have graduated with the approval and encouragement from all coaches.

Intermediate squad will see the athlete continue to develop their basic skills, however they will now be asked to do this over an ever increasing aerobic base. The Key to success will be to maintain stroke discipline throughout the session, during speed training or threshold sets, whichever applies.

The continued introduction of Land Work will begin play a large role in the Intermediate Squad. Two land based session per week will help to develop the swimmers ability to avoid injuries to help improve core strength, flexability and coordination.

An increased level of professionalism will also be required for Intermediate Squad. Swimmers should come to sessions prepared (Land or Pool) to train well, 'We gain nothing by just turning up'. Intermediate Squad will be role models for Junior Squad and a level of maturity and respect for your fellow swimmers and the coaching staff will be a must.

Squad Objective

  1. To further develop the swimmers stroke technique and discipline over all distances
  2. To further increase aerobic work load with disciplined stroke and wall work
  3. To bring an even greater competitive element to training
  4. To further enhance the swimmers understanding of race prep and strategy
  5. To further develop the swimmers discipline and knowledge of their chosen sport
  6. Expansion of events at meets

Swimming Syllabus

  1. Continued development of paced aerobic swimming
  2. Continued development of speed work
  3. Continuation of dry land dynamic w/up
  4.  Continued development of race start and takeovers
  5.  HR monitoring
  6.  Basic Nutritional awareness
  7.  Education on the importance of fluid intake during training and competitions.
  8.  Further development of interval training
  9.  Introduction to Log Books

Coach: Jess Wilkie (Lead Coach), Cath Fleming, Isla Roden and Laura McBain

Weekly Sessions: 5 swim and 2 land training sessions


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