Development Squad

The following are intended as guidelines to the structure of P.A.S.C., changes where necessary can and will be made.

Squad Objective

  1. To continue to develop the swimmers technique and aerobic capacity from Learn to Swim
  2. Introduction to competitive swimming training
  3. To begin to increase swimmers aerobic base whilst maintaining good quality swimming technique
  4. Familiarise the swimmer with good swimming practices, discipline and knowledge


  1.  Admission should be through trials to be held by arrangement, preferably every 1-2 weeks.
  2. Swimmers must be able to swim all four competitive strokes with adequate technique
  3. Swimmers not to P.A.S.C. standard should be encouraged to take a crash course at their local learn to swim school to enable them to rise to the standard of Junior Squad swimming.
  4. Entry to Development Squad  will be a result of successful completion of Learn to Swim and P.A.S.C trial. Only once the Development Squad Coaches are satisfied with the decision will a swimmer be granted to move to Development Squad. - The final decision will rest with the Club Development Officer.
  5. Continuous swims:
    •  100 FC ,with long reach and controlled breathing
    • 100 BC, still head position and constant kick
    • 100 Brst, leg and arm coordination and timing with streamline lunge
    • 50 Fly, arms out of water.
    • 100 IM all the above. (wall work can be temporarily excused)
    Above will only apply to new swimmers at the club

Swimming Syllabus

  1.  Introduction to paced aerobic swimming
  2. Consolidation of turns and wall work
  3. Introduction to short sharp speed work
  4. IM turns
  5. Introduction to pre swim dynamic land w/up
  6. Introduction to race starts
  7.  Use of timing equipment to monitor rest & hr in regards to interval training
  8. Introduction to proper lane discipline & etiquette


  1.  Kick Board
  2. Pull Buoy
  3. Fins (Swimming not Scuba, short blades)
  4. 2 pairs of goggles
  5. Portobello swim cap
  6. 1-2ltr full water bottle
  7. Inhaler (If needed)

Consideration for Intermediate 1

  1. Entry to Intermediate Squad will be a result of successful completion of Development Squad. Only once the Development and Intermediate Squad Coaches are satisfied with the decision will a swimmer be granted to move to Intermediate 1 Squad. - The final decision will rest with the Club Development Officer.
  2.  Demonstration of good race start and take overs
  3. Proper execution of all four strokes
  4. Proper wall work on all four strokes
  5. Shows an understanding of aerobic pacing
  6. Shows understanding of lane discipline
  7. Shows understanding of interval training through the use of pace lock
  8. Regular attendance at Pool sessions
  9. Full kit bag at all sessions- see Kit requirements for Development  Squad
  10. Regular demonstration of pre swim dynamic w/up without being asked to do so.

Continuous Swimming

  1.  400mtrs FC showing controlled breathing pattern with proper turns throughout
  2. 200mtrs BC proper turns throughout
  3. 200mtrs Brst demonstrating a whip kick, making sure the kick is finished without screw kick. Two handed touches.
  4. 2* 50 mtrs Fly with 30 secs recovery in-between, two handed touches
  5. 2*100 IM with 30 secs recover in-between with adequate turns.


Swimmers should be able to demonstrate 2-3 drills per stroke and understand why it is they are doing them.


Attendance at meets out with the club champs

Darren Ward
Portobello A.S.C. Club Development Officer


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