Performance Squad

LTAD Stage: Training to Compete- Ages 14-18yrs (Optimising the engine)

During the training to compete stage there should be a continued emphasis on physical conditioning with the focus on maintaining high volume workloads but with increasing intensity. The number of competitions should be similar to the end of the previous stage but the emphasis should be on developing individual strengths and weaknesses through modelling and nurturing technical and tactical skills based around specific strokes or distances, but not both. As a result , there should be either double or single periodisation of the training year. In addition, the ancillary capacities (the knowledge base of how to warm up and warm down; how to stretch and when to stretch; how to optimise nutrition and hydration; mental preparation; regeneration; how and when to taper and peak; pre-competition, competition, post competition routines) should be refined so they are more specific to the individuals needs.

During this stage, training should also focus on developing maximum strength gain through the use of weights. This should be coupled with continued work on core and body strength and maintaining suppleness.

Coach - Darren Ward


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