Top Squad Outline

It is our aim that swimmers in the Intermediate, Development and Club squads all strive to be in the Top Squad. It should be the reward for hard work and commitment to the club that a swimmer is selected to enter into it.

Entry to this squad to be based on merit rather than age,  no swimmer will be held back due to their age, however certain adjustments would have to be made in terms of mtrs and land based activities to avoid injury to younger swimmers.

Top Squad comes with a commitment from all swimmers and parents to attend a preselected number of sessions and hours per week. Failure to achieve this total will bring about a review on the status of that individual swimmer in this squad by the coach. Communication with the coach is vital in regards to missed session due to injury or matters out with training as session attendance will be carefully monitored. Such matters will be carefully dealt with on an individual basis with the aim of attaining the swimmer's normal training regime.

The following are intended as guidelines to the structure of P.A.S.C., changes where necessary can and will be made.

Squad Objectives

  1. 1. To create a positive swimming environment which will provide the resources & opportunities for swimmers to reach their swimming potential.
  2.  To produce swimmers that are capable of competing with distinction on the District, National stage.
  3.  To promote a positive and forward approach to athlete development within the sport of swimming.

Top Squad Swimming Syllabus

  1. Continued progression from Intermediate Squad.
  2. Further develop what should already be a high standard of swimming technique.
  3. Regular work on racing preparation through race simulation, dives, pacing, and wall work.
  4. Planned seasonal training will focus on an introduction to tapers and meet preparations.
  5. Swimming development out with pool; gym, video analysis, squad days out.
  6. Developing aerobic, anaerobic capacity and muscle endurance.
  7. Strength training to complement work done in the pool and to optimise those muscle groups required for performance swimming.
  8. Huge impetus on swimmer flexibility.
  9. Nutrition tuition to optimise training and race performance.
  10. The importance of hydration in training and at meets.
  11. Preparation to cope with larger meets.

Coach: Andy May (Head Coach), John Roden and Sue Slater

Weekly Sessions: 7 Swim and 2 land training sessions


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